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Netradhwaja Palai

A Supportive Accessible Environment Enables Success: Netradhwaja Palai


Netradhwaja Palai, a teacher with visual impairment, from Ganjam district, believes in overcoming limitations and proving that disabilities don't define a person. He is presently a teacher at Biribatia UG High School Ganjam district in Odisha.


During his B.Ed studies, Netradhwaja became acquainted with Swabhiman, an organization focused on empowering individuals with disabilities. He was enrolled in Inclusive education Programme (Addhyayan) in its Project Anjali scholarships. The scholarship empowered him financially and also enabled his automatic entry in Scholar Enrichment Program. The Enrichment Program offers Anjali Scholars a variety of activities that enhance their career planning and exposure. Enrichment programs help scholars to enhance their professional skills, consider careers matching their acumen and interest, provides understanding of events of national and international importance, and exposure tours and events. Program provides enhanced knowledge of his disability rights.


During this time, in Red Cross, Netradhwaja provided Braille training to other students. He expresses gratitude for being awarded the Anjali Scholarship, which provided a crucial support for his education.


Netradhwaja Palei's story serves as an inspiration for others, reminding us that with resilience and belief in oneself coupled with a supportive environment, here Swabhiman, one can overcome any obstacle.


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