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Sushant Kumar Naik

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Sushant Kumar Naik, the first Anjali scholarship awardee, was a class 10th student of BB School for the Blind when he got the scholarship in the year 2002. His scholarship was continued in 2003 to enable him to learn music after regular school hours.

Blessed with an affinity for music, he was born to Nilambar Naik and Saraswati Naik on 5th June 1985 at Sunadiha in Jagatsinghpur district. After completion of matriculation, he joined Ravenshaw college for his higher studies and then moved to BJB (Autonomous) college for completing his graduation. His study in Ravenshaw was supported by the scholarship. He has won many awards in the field of music, notable being Akshaya Mohanty Award in the year 2007 and Sambad Sangeet Award in the year 2008 from His Excellency Governor of Odisha.

Through his own initiative, he has formed a musical group ‘Bhakti Arghya Bhajan Sandhya’ which renders devotional songs. He is also a very active social worker in his locality. He is currently working as a contractual teacher in Kendrapara.


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