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Sumitra Rana

Due to the mismanagement by doctors during her mother’s delivery, the 8 years old Sumitra Rana suffered with lower limb weakness right from her birth with about 75% of disability. Her father works as a peon in a private college. The tragic lack of finances compelled the family to discontinue her treatment. She would have to crawl on the floor to move from one place to another.

In 2016, when project Saksham kicked off, Sumitra was enrolled in ICRC-6. She was facilitated with 18 months of regular physiotherapy, lower limb splint and a walker with the support of which she can now stand up and walk a few steps independently. This has happened after 8 years of her birth!

Along with this, she was also provided with academic support. This curious little girl quickly gained an interest in the process of education. She secured the 3rd position in her class in the annual examination of 2019. Inherently very vivacious, Sumitra with her walker and peer group support can now be seen spending time with her friends during play period or being active in yoga classes and other activities involving music and arts at the school.


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