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Sarthak Dwivedi

Sarthak Dwivedi is an 11-year-old child with autism who studies at OSEB school. In Bhubaneshwar, he lives with his parents and his elder sister at the IRC village. His father, who is an employee in a private company, is the sole breadwinner for the family. Sarthak is a lively little child who is so hyperactive that you will hardly see him sitting idle.

To tap his full potential, he was facilitated with continuous speech therapy after which Sarthak can now clearly pronounce some of the words. He stood first in his class for the years 2018 and 2019 and recently appeared in a scholarship examination in the 5th standard.

This smart kid has an interest not only in studies but also in a bunch of co-curricular activities like dancing, singing, painting and playing keyboard. He loves taking part in debates, essay-writing and various other competitions and has also won several accolades in competitions for arts, singing and dancing. To name a few of his accomplishments, he had secured 1st position in the State level Art competition of 2019 and secured 3rd position in ramp walking organized by the AVINAV Academy, Bhubaneswar in the same year. Another thing that he is really proud of is having sung and played on the keyboard for 5000 people in New Delhi at the India Gate. Sarthak is the living proof that the age-old misconception that people with autism can’t express their emotions holds no truth. If not at the same level, the kid most probably can express more than any other kid with his talent and inclination to creativity.


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