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Manisha Priyadarshini

India’s dangerous preference of boy child is an unfortunate truth. The 12-year-old Manisha Priyadarshini was deserted by her father at birth not only because she was a girl, but on top of that, she was disabled. Due to her lower body paralysis, she requires high support. Afraid of being asked for monetary support, the friends and families shut their door to both Manisha and her mother. Due to stigmatisation, she started keeping to herself and grew up to be a shy girl.

In 2016, when project Saksham got started, Manisha joined ICRC-3. Apart from academic support, she was provided with regular physiotherapy in the centre. After 11 months of regular physiotherapy, Manisha could stand up and walk a few steps with support. With her wheelchair and special footwear, she is now independent in mobility.

Even academically, Manisha is doing great now. She enjoyed the process of education. Being in the classroom made her happy and she stood First in her class twice in the years 2018 and 2019. Further, she stood First in JNV Entrance Examination for class VI in Khordha district in the year 2019. Not only just this, but she has also won over 8 inter-school competitions of dance and arts. Overall, she takes active participation in the dance, music, art and yoga classes. She has, fortunately, come out of her cocoon and now has an inclusive set of friends. Manisha, with her willpower, turned things around for her and made her mother proud.


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