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Kumari Sonia

Kumari Sonia came to this planet earth on the 2nd of July in the year 1978. Unfortunately, she lost her father Dr A.C. Behera at a very young age. However, even during the tough times, her mother, Santi Sudha Behera, continued to be a pillar of strength for her and her elder sister Seema, who is also deaf.

To hone her artistic flair, after completion of her graduation from Ramadevi college, she joined BK college of Fine arts in the year 1998 and completed her post-graduation in the year 2004. She has bagged many prizes for her exceptional artistic abilities, like gold in Abilympics (Olympics of Abilities) at the zonal level, silver at the national level and bronze at the international level, all in the same year of 2003! She has been the recipient of many recognitions like the Red Cross Award, State Government Award and many more.

For her incredible capabilities, she received an Anjali scholarship in the years 2003 and 2004 whereby a big-hearted and benevolent Ms. Swati Panda was her sponsor. She is currently working as an Arts teacher at Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences, Bhubaneswar for over ten years now.

“Receiving a cash award for your efforts reduces the pressure to maintain yourself while you dedicate your energies towards study. I will always be grateful to Swabhiman to have simultaneously projected my artworks in various forums.”

-Kumari Sonia


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